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Overseas  Clearing  Cargo  (I)  Pvt.  Ltd. offers door to door hassle free chartering services by sourcing the appropriate   vessel  from  an  extensive  network   of  owners  and  brokers.  We  have  always  aimed  to provide  impeccable  ‘ Vessel  Chartering  Service s’  from  Indian  Ports. Our  team  has  the  expertise  in offering  the  vessel  chartering  services  for  any type  of cargo, including break bulk liquid and dry cargo. With assistance  of  our  network  associates,  we  are  connected  to  the  biggest  vessel  owners  round  the  globe . Our  qualified   personnel  coordinate   with  the  clients  and  ensure   safe  dispatch  of  their  cargo  as  per  the  schedule .  Extensive  network   of   vessel   brokers  and  owners  enables  us  to  offer complete  solutions  for  your  part - charter  and  full - charter requirements. 

Below details are mandatory for successfully fulfilling client’s requirements for Vessel Chartering Services:
   .   Cargo Type
   .   Cargo Stowage Factor
   .   Vessel Size
   .   Vessel age limit
   .   Discharging Rate and Discharge Port
   .   Laycan